How to Hire a Good Lawyer in Cyprus

How to Hire a Good Lawyer in Cyprus

The number of lawyers and law firms in Cyprus has been rising. This is partly because of the continued economic growth in the country. This growth has attracted more businesses in Cyprus, which has led to the need for more attorneys. Most of these lawyers are good. Still, as in most countries, there are some bad apples. This article will explain some of the key tips for hiring a good lawyer in Cyprus.

Consider the Need

You should always consider the reason you are hiring a lawyer. This will help you understand the scale and type of the lawyer. For example, if you are a small proprietor, you can get a solo lawyer if you have a simple claim. On the other hand, if you are an accomplished company that wants to go public, you should consider hiring a big law firm like PageCorp Group. Such a law firm will help you be well represented.

Consider Referrals

If you are a Cypriot, chances are that you know a person who knows a lawyer. There is also a chance that you know a lawyer yourself. If you are an international residence, chances are that you have some business ties to the country. If this is the case, you should consider asking these people for recommendations. Word of mouth from people you trust is a great way of finding a good, competent, and friendly attorney.

Use the Internet

The internet is one of the most important innovations of our time. Through the internet, you can communicate, buy, or even transact. In law, the internet can help you do your research. For example, you can use the internet to read reviews from past clients. You can also use the internet to find out news stories about a lawyer. Additionally, you can use the internet to see the past cases an attorney has made. Most importantly, you can use the internet to find out whether a lawyer is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. The association helps to promote integrity in the legal sector.

Talk to Multiple Lawyers

It is important that you talk to a number of lawyers before you settle on one. The goal of this is you want to gauge the lawyerโ€™s interest in the case. You also want to hear what they say about the case. You should ensure anonymity in all this. This will help avoid leaks that could damage your case in a court of law.


Finally, you should ensure that you sign a good contract with the lawyer. The contract will have disclosures from your side. They will also help avoid later conflicts between you and the lawyer. For example, it will remove the issue of payments.

Final Thoughts

Having a good attorney is a good thing for you and your company. It is also mandatory if you want to succeed. For example, you will need a lawyer to litigate on issues that come in your company. You will also need a lawyer if you want to file patents or to come up with terms and conditions.

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