Stay Away From These Third Party Bike Insurance Traps

A very popular way of getting scammed in this country is by buying a fake insurance policy. Later when the individual realizes that the policy he or she brought is fake, he starts facing issues. Moreover, until they make a claim, the individual does not even realize that he or she has been conned. One should, therefore, definitely save themselves from such problems and avoid the fake policy traps by following some easy ways. Scroll down to find out more on how you can save yourself from these traps.

The various methods to stop being conned

Trap of the middlemen

It is not very easy to tell if a policy is genuine or fake by just merely looking at it. Thus, it becomes very important to deal with only credible sources. It is thus, very safe to buy the insurance policies directly from the insurance company and to eliminate the middlemen. It is because of the middlemen or any agent can give out a fake policy. The online third party bike insurance can surely be availed by just being a little careful.

Do not issue any cheque in favour of an individual

In this age, buying an insurance policy online has a lot of importance and it is the way to go also. It is not just convenient but it also avoids all sorts of risks as the payment is made directly to the insurance company. In case, somebody is buying a policy offline, they better make sure that they are making the payment by cheque. Ensuring that the cheque is in favour of the policymakers and not in favour of any particular individual. The individual buying a policy must read all the offer documents carefully and must take the suggestions of their trusted friends or family members on what kind of policy to buy.

Trap of not being authentic

It will be very essential to take a few minutes and read the policy thoroughly. It is also to be noted here that most of the insurers these days offer a policy verification code that links on their websites. This link can be used for confirming the validity of the insurance policy. In case, if the policy buyer is willing to have further clarification, they must have all the details of contacting the company directly.

Avoiding non-licensed company

Currently, there are thirty-three recognised general insurance companies in India. In order to eliminate the risk of buying fake bike insurance, the individual must buy the insurance policy only from one of these thirty-three companies. One can check the list of these licensed companies online and to know about the further details they can also visit their individual websites.

Con artists, however, still find a way to duplicate the logo of these various companies and still manage to sell policies that are fake. This, therefore, calls for a further safety measure that is by checking the existence of the insurance policy. One can do so by simply visiting an official branch of the company or by writing to them.

There are a lot of con artists in the country who are experts in making people fall for fake online third party bike insurance. It is, therefore, not recommended to buy the policies from unknown sources and surely not from companies which are not registered. That way, one can save themselves from getting conned. The above-mentioned points on how to stay away from the traps will surely help an individual to buy a genuine insurance policy.

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