What is the difference between upswings and declines, peaks and plateaus? These terms can be used to describe roller coasters, but they are also used to describe business cycles.

The business cycle, also known as the economic cycle, refers to changes in economic activity that occur over several months or even years. The cycle can be used to forecast the economic direction by professionals. The National Bureau of Economic Research issues official statements about the economic cycle. These declarations are based on certain factors such as the growth of the gross domestic products, household income, and employment rates.


Recovery is an upswing or improvement in economic indicators. When the same indicators experience a contraction, it is called a recession. Depression is a prolonged or severe recession.

It is important to realize that although the cycle is called a cycle it is not cyclical or regular. Its pattern is similar to waves moving at periodic intervals. Some recoveries can last for years while others take place over a few months. Recessions can also last for years or just a few months.


How should investors view information about the business cycles? An investor who can see that the economy goes through periods of growth and recession will have a better understanding of the overall cycle. Understanding whether the economy is in an early or later stage of the cycle can influence investment decisions. In contrast, identifying whether the economy is in a deep or shallow cycle can be important during a recession.

Over several months, the business cycle will go through periods of recovery and recession. Recessions can be followed by recovery. Understanding the economic cycle can help you see current business conditions from a different perspective.

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