Top 5 Things to Know About Commercial Real Estate Loans

A commercial real estate loan is different from a home loan in that it is used for the sole purpose of business. There are five things to know about commercial real estate loans, and the first one is that commercial real estate loans are first made to business entities, not individual homeowners. Limited partnerships, corporations, developers, and trusts are the four entities allowed to get commercial real estate loans. Each entity may not have a commercial track record or any credit rating, because the lender might require the principals to guarantee the loan.

The third aspect of commercial real estate loans is that a group of individuals might recover the loan in the event of a default. This type of guaranty is a requirement the lender has because the property is the only event of recovery in the event of the loan defaulting. There are many different kinds of real estate loan options because finding the right one can determine how successful a commercial real estate project will turn out. Your choice will impact the time you spend on the application as well as paperwork. Also, consider how much time you have to invest in your property? You learn the ins and outs of commercial estate loans while trying to find the best loan for your business as you gain experience.

The fourth aspect of commercial real estate is that the terms of commercial loans range from five years to 20 years with the amortization period becoming longer than the term of the loan. Commercial real estate is about having larger monthly payments with lower total interest costs. The 5th aspect of commercial real estate you need to know is why some commercial real estate loan types have a set payment structure, are suitable for a wide range of business purposes, and have weekly or monthly payment schedules available. Low-interest rates are meant for strong credit scores.

Orlando commercial real estate loans have several components such as rent replacement for a borrower leasing a property that has become available for sale by the owner. New construction needs to be cleared by Orlando commercial real estate loans because land, materials, and the construction of a new building need to be planned for. A mortgage is used to assist borrowers so as to purchase a property that they will use to conduct business out of. Commercial real estate loans need to be used as collateral because these loans are useful for business. Refinancing an existing mortgage is a way to pull equity income on the property in question that is available.

We provide loans from $10,000 to $100,000. Getting a business loan requires an EIN or employer identification number, which is like a social security number only for businesses. Not every lender is able to allow you to submit a comprehensive business plan in order to get the loan but it is always good to have one just in case. In order to get a commercially-oriented business loan, you have to look at your credit score, which can factor in the revenue stream, your industry, and the size of your business. Business credit scores are different from personal scores in that personal scores only looks at personal credit. A bad score may not prevent you from getting funded. A bank lends the most amount of money at the lowest cost. Bank commercial real estate loans are kept around for the highest credit score borrowers, as well as for businesses that have shown a profit for a few years. Consequently, commercial real estate loans are made of different terms than home-owner real estate loans.

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